ohio, in my mind?

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who is MARTY?

that's a great question, actually...

if you've made it this far, honestly, you're a real one.

seriously, it takes true dedication.

if you know me, or if you're a stranger who has made the grave mistake of standing still for more than five seconds near me, you know that i am proud to call ohio my home. not because ohio is some great amazing place, but because my late brother is from there, and the part of me that misses him every day holds onto his love for ohio and ohio sports and ohio sunsets.

lengthy, i know, but it's a part of the journey. 

(art credits to shai, please check out their art site here!)

why the name?

ohio, in my mind was my location on my very first twitter account (i remember getting the idea from j cole who had ____, in my mind as his location and i thought it was pretty unique).

and then it went on to be my default username over the last several years. you might know me as a comic book fan, or a hockey fan, or a coworker you semi-hate, or maybe as a close friend -- but i promise if you really know me, you'll know that ohio is home in my heart and i spend every day wanting to be back there.

but i have things to do here, and people that i have met and loved, so for now i'll have to settle for ohio, in my mind.

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okay, why hats?

hats are the first accessory i look for when i'm trying to break into new spaces as a fan of sports teams, local artists, clothing companies, musicians, and other interests that allow you to purchase merchandise to show your support.

it seemed fitting that i start a brand initially dedicated to expressing oneself, so we can feel right at home in the skin we're in. doesn't matter the location or the emotion or the stage in life, when you're wearing ohio, in my mind merchandise, i want you to feel like a teeny tiny part of you is home.

whatever that means to you.